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Hey, this account is important to me. I'm doing business in China presently and there are many emails that I need....AND RIGHT NOW!!!!!! you ask me for emails that I sent....well, it doesn't take much brain to realise that all my emails are in my hotmail account and I don't know them by heart. When I receive an email and I want to answer, all I do is go to that email and press reply....I don't look at the email address....can you understand that?????? I'm in China, at some friends, with no phone.....I NEED MY ACCOUNT so I can talk to my contacts. I need to call my canadian embassy this afternoon, in Chongqing for some very important information and the only way I can get that email, with the particular name of the lady who is aware of my situation, is look in my emails of 2 weeks ago. Right now, I'm stuck because I can't access that information. I also need to enter my homework with Technitrader, but to do so, I need to access one of their email. I'm presently receiving a lot of emails from Stansberry newsletters(business matters) as well as from Bill Bonner.
I need that email account for my old emails, Alain Dumont,


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Hi maopa,

You are going to have limited support options at this point from Microsoft.

They would have prompted you many times before now to do these things:

It also sounds like you tried to reset your account which means they may also looking for this now:

If you still know your password, but the webmail is locked up, trying using a mail program with a POP3 connection:

Good luck, and welcome to Email Questions!


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Popowich, it sounds as if they have already tried to reset their info and that they have been asked to explain emails that are in their account. I am sure they are not asking for exact emails but rather topics and what was discussed or maybe subject lines to verify that it's your account. I am sure they don't expect word for word information. You should be able to give enough information about the details of emails in your account to regain control.