Hotmail (light version) hangs since a few days ago


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I have not been able to access the hotmail (outlook) web site since a few days ago with my own browser (which goes to the "light" version, which is both the expected and desired behavior since I am using an older browser and vastly prefer the light version anyway). What happens now is that it tries for a while then times out. If I then refresh it or close and reopen the tab, it hangs (and runs my machine very hard). I waited several minutes before killing it, and I've tried this several times (it used to open almost immediately). Clearing my cache, restarting the browser, restarting the machine, etc. do not help. Something has suddenly broken as of a few days ago.

Further, when I used another device to access the standard slow bloaty version, it won't let me report this in the help / "feedback" section because that tool doesn't work right (no matter what I do it says "please select a category" but there's nothing to select fromso that aspect of the feedback tool clearly isn't working correctly at least in that particular newer browser).

The official support forum does not work right, either; when I try to post a new message, it simply goes to a blank page (again in that newer browser).

I cannot even find a standard email address for customer support, which would frankly be the cleanest way to contact them.

So since NOTHING is working right, I can't even report the problem.

Note that I do NOT have the option of a newer browser for reasons I won't get into, but simply want to report the light version of hotmail being broken and cannot even do that much.

Is this a known problem?

Any help would be appreciated - thanks