Problem sending AOL webmail emails "because of an error"


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Well, 10/10 to AOL for the most unhelpful error message of all time...

When I try to send an email, this is the error message that pops up:

"The message was not sent because of an errorThe message cannot be sent.
If this problem continues, please see our technical support information."

AOL is my ISP (yeah, I know...) but right now I'm away from home so using webmail. I can read my emails, but the only person it will let me send them to is myself.

It was letting me send emails no problem earlier today.
This error message comes up every time now, and has done for several hours

I've made no system changes.

I'm using firefox on LinuxLinpusLite.
This is happening both on standard AOL webmail and on their AOL Lite webmail

It's pretty important to get this sorted out, because I'm going to be away from home for nearly a month. HELP!! :hammer:


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Raymond, thank you so much for your speedy response, I can't begin to tell you how much it's appreciated.

I cleared my cache and it's now working just fine. No idea what caused the problem, but I'm very happy and relieved!


:siterock: <-- But I guess you knew that already.

Mandy Smith

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I keep getting an error in my email. The error message is "The message was not sent because of an error". Thanks for your help!

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Hi Mandy,

Which web browser are you using? Another solution to try is use another web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, try using Chrome. Does the other web browser work better for you?

Valentine Donovan

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If you are having problem while sending email then
Try to clear the cache and remove cookies.
Beside this, try to following steps such as:
- Restart your system
- Use updated browser
- Check your display name
- Disable pop-up blocking software