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I have been having the same problem for many months, first with one of my husbands groups and now with mine. When I send a group e-mail on Windows Live Mail, only one, maybe two of the group are receiving the email. The first one I sent was no problem - all received. Now that is not the case. I have tried clicking on the + sign in front of the group name. Only one name is shown now. There are 7 in my group - 14 in my husbands group. Looking at different posts on line, this seems to be a recurring problem. Is there an update or fix to this problem?
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Hi Jody,

Is it the first couple members of the group that get the email? Is it random? Are there specific email services such as Yahoo that receive and Hotmail that don't? Have the users missing the email checked their spam folders? Do you get any bounce messages back after sending the email? Are you separating the email addresses correctly? Sometimes I see users that use an exchange format ; instead of a , or have extra characters such as ()'s around real names that cause sending problems.


New Email
The first email I sent everyone in the group received and when I clicked on the + sign it showed all 7 email addresses. One suggestion on this site was to make a new group and name it test. My test group was 2 people, my husband and myself. That email went out and was received, no problem. I then tried my group of 7 and no luck. First test clicking on the + sign showed only 2 of the group. I tried 6 more times. Two times there were no names clicking on the + sign. Two more times there were 2 names. Two more times there was one name. ALL names in the group should show when you click on the plus sign.
Your answer to me has been repeated on this site, as I read it before looking thru this thread. There is obviously a bug in the system to have so many people having the same problem. How about a fix???