I am getting email for someone else


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What do you do when you get an email that was intended for someone else?

Some recent examples for me including:
  • Travel reservations make with confirmation sent to my email address
  • Soccer schedules for a team in Canada
  • Updates from a teacher to one of her students
  • Facebook alerts for someone using my email address in username+something@gmail.com format
For the travel email I looked up the phone number for the hotel and let them know the reservation number that had the wrong email address associated with it. It was someone with the same last name as me that either mistyped their email address when making the reservation, or maybe someone taking a reservation by phone typed it in wrong.

I had to create a filter in Gmail to stop the soccer emails and send them directly to my trash folder. I contacted them a few times but they didn't fix the problem.

For the teacher I replied letting them know they had the wrong address for one of their students and I didn't hear back from them or receive any more emails.

The last type of email concerns me. I'm getting Facebook alerts for an account that isn't mine. They're not phishing scams, they really are emails from Facebook. The +something references a specific email service. That service was happy to check their accounts but did not see any association between the other personal info listed and a valid account within their system. I'm now sending these to my spam folder but it's still concerning that Facebook allowed someone to use my email address without confirmation to create a Facebook account.