Locked out of facebook and not getting code sent to yahoo email


Customer Service
The other night my daughter was locked out of her facebook account for some reason. I set the account up for her about 4 years ago. She never set up the feature to ask for a code that would be sent to your phone if someone (or yourself) tries to log in from an unrecognized device (phone or computer that has never logged into the account, it doesn't allow a log in without a code that is texted to your cell phone. This is to prevent hackers.

Since she hadn't set that up and screwed up her password too many times and couldn't figure it out, I had to reset it for her with the email I set up her account with. Mind you, it's 3AM when she discovers this so I'm not working on all cylinders. :) I repeatedly clicked on the link to have a code sent to my email to reset her password for her. I kept sending it and I kept refreshing my inbox and nothing. I'm worried that my daughter is going to lose her facebook that she's had for about 5 years.

By this time, Popowich is up and sees me getting really frustrated. He then asks me if it could be going to my junk/spam folder. That prompted me to remember that I made a facebook folder YEARS ago and I never use it. I felt so dumb. There were the codes. (about 15 of them) I quickly logged in and changed her password, set up the feature for codes to be sent to her phone for unrecognized devices, and also appointed three people that are trusted to help her get back into her account if she gets locked out. (another facebook feature.

Always have two step verification for everything you can. I use it for email, some sites, and some apps. Whatever I can use it on, I do. It's terrible getting locked out of something and by then it's usually too late.