Hyperlinks Not Working Right in Thunderbird


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Using Thunderbird, when I click on a hyperlink in an email it either takes an extremely long time (>10 min.) to open the browser (same in Firefox and in IE8). While I'm waiting for it to open the browser window Thunderbird is occupied w/the task and can't be used. This just started recently. I'm using version (20090812).

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You have the latest version installed, that's good.

Is your computer slow to open up a new web browser only when you click a link any other time?

If it's slow all the time then what do your memory statistics look like?


Which anti-virus, firewall, and spyware detection software do you have installed?

Silly question, but have you rebooted recently?



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Skip to the "Silly question". Rebooted, now seems to work fine. It should have been a silly question but I've been guilty of not rebooting in similar situations many times. :eek: Thanks Raymond for asking the right questions.