"file can't be sent" in Yahoo Mail


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Just in the last week, I am unable to attach a file in my Yahoo Mail after using it for years. I get a red triangle and an error message :"file can't be sent" after it tries to attach it. :hammer: Any ideas? I'm using the new version, not the Classic version.


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On further investigation of my Yahoo problem, I noticed that size does matter. :) a 1.1M file sometimes gets attached and sometimes not. smaller than that gets attached and larger than 1.1M gives the error message. I'll try it again when I get home in a couple days. Both now and when I get home are on WIFI, if that matters?


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Neither the 1MB file or being on WIFI should matter much.

Have you tried disabling your virus scanner for a few minutes to see if you still have problems when it's disabled?


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thanks for the reply, Raymond,
I don't think it is my AVG or StopZilla because I just attached and sent the 2M file out successfully at my Network Solutions Website Host. But just to be sure, I turned them both off without success.


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my firewall was blocking the attachment for some reason (pc tools firewall).
I right clicked on firewall & selected 'allow all' for my attachments to go.
don't forget to enable firewall again.



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I've tried disabling firewall and anti-virus and still get the "file cannot be sent" message. This seems to be something new within the last week or so.

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