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My Ip address :
Name Samuel Kunle-Oluwatobi
32A Pilot Crescent,off Bode Thomas Street,Surulere,Lagos,
Email :samuel_kunleoluwatobi@ hotmail.co.uk

Please I like to let you know,since I have been prompted by outlook/hotmail to change my password, my mails have not been delivered to my BB inbox, please see the above ip address and activate my account immediately.
I have done all that are required to do on Homepage Hp laptop with Microsoft accounts,yet the account has not been activated. A'm asked to contact e-mail provider by BB customer service.

Please the mail sent to me from BB customer service and I have done as advised

Email messages from samuel_kunleoluwatobi@hotmail.co.uk and changes to your personal data (for example, contacts or calendar) are not being delivered to your BlackBerry® device. To resume service from this email account to your BlackBerry device, validate your samuel_kunleoluwatobi@hotmail.co.uk password:

1. On the Home screen, click the Setup icon and click Email Accounts or Email Settings.
2. Click samuel_kunleoluwatobi@hotmail.co.uk.
3. Type your samuel_kunleoluwatobi@hotmail.co.uk password.
4. Save.

If the problem persists, contact your email provider.

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Can you access your hotmail from a desktop computer but not on your blackberry? Is that the issue you are having?

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