Do you report scams?

Do you report spam and phishing attempts?

  • I report only spam

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  • I report only phishing attempts

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • I report all e-mail abuse related issues.

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • I do not report any spam, phishing, other other e-mail abuse relatyed issues.

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A lot of people on a daily basis get hit with emails that are obvious scams. And most people close them and do nothing and go about their business. I had a time where I would report them all just to do so. They would bother me when I got an email with some bogus claim of sending me money or something.Then I would use the report email link and send it off. I am curious if anyone else here has ever reported bad email? I know most probably have not, but I think it is something we should do from time to time to check spam.

EQ Admin

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Oddly enough I do not report most spam that I receive.

Then again most of the spam destined for me does not reach my inbox.

I spend most of my abuse time tracking down and blocking issues related to my customers that are reported back to me for me to block.

If I report a spam it is typically a phishing attempt for a site that I use personally such as PayPal.


Big Dan

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I forward eBay and PayPal phishing scams to spoof@ebay{dot}com and spoof@paypal{dot}com respectively.

99.9% of stuff Gmail's spam filters catch so I don't worry about it.


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Actually I don't, I just block them and push them to the junk folder in outlook. I have 4 emails going into outlook, if I reported every spam post, I wouldn't get anything else done during the day..hehe


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I think not reporting spam is not so bad. Phishing scams are a whole different ball of wax. Those should be reported no matter how inconvenient you may think it is.

To clarify: (I am not pointing a finger Brandon, I got the impression from your post that you were just talking about normal, annoying spam.) ;)