Creating A Duplicate Email?


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Okay, so my email got deleted from gmail because it "violated" their terms of service. Yet all it was used for was game accounts. Now, since I didn't request an appeal for them to save my email, they permanently deleted the email address.

I've tried to create a new gmail account using the same email name, but it won't work, it says it's being used. Now if they truly deleted my email, then it should let me make another email with the same name. This is annoying because I have a TON of games linked to this email that I can't even sign into anymore because I need verification codes that only this email receives.

Is there any way I could create a duplicate gmail account? Or am I screwed?


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Sorry, but, as you put it, you're screwed. The logic behind not allowing someone else to recreate the account is to protect the original account owner from someone else getting access to the email address and using it for password resets -> stealing the accounts associated with that address that belong to the original account owner. For example, it prevents me from recreating your original email address and using it to receive the password reset emails from your gamer accounts and stealing those from you. It's also worth mentioning might not have been your use of the account, but from a 3rd party getting access to your account and using it for spamming. In the future, enable two factor authentication on your accounts to prevent them from getting hacked. Google Authenticator is a nice app to use for the sites that support it. It stinks that your lost your gamer accounts, and hopefully those services will allow you to prove your identity and associate a new email address with those accounts. Good luck!