Creating and moving .pst files


New Email
We just installed new memory and a new SSD onto our 5 year old computer. We use the outlook that came with Office 365.

I just downloaded/retrieved my .pst file from Carbonite and is now saved in my documents folder. I have not brought them into outlook yet although I tried and there was a glitch. I did the extreme thing and deleted Office 365 and reloaded it again and when I did all the emails were gone which I expected but the folders remained . Not sure how that came to be with a new install.

Although, my wife is thinking that she does not want to install any of the previous emails on the retrieved .pst file. to our new outlook program but wants to keep the folders. I need to protocol to take the existing .pst file that is in the documents folder and place it on an external hard drive. Additionally, can I place all future emails on a separate external hard drive so as not to have them on my local drive (C)?