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I have three computers.

One with BT Yahoo email facility and Microsoft Oulook facility (1)
One with Microsoft Outlook facility (2)
One with Microsoft Outlook facility and Outlook Express (3)

At one time I was set up to receive emails through BT Yahoo which were automatically transferred to Microsoft Outlook and then removed automatically from BT Yahoo.

I need to reinstate this option.

How do I do it/

Can I temporarily block the transfer to Microsoft Outlook and the cecond and third computer.

Any help much appreciated.


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Thank you for your help.

Not quite what I wanted.

I receive emails via Yahoo on Microsoft Outlook.

I want the email deleted from Yahoo automatically once transferred to Outlook.

Can this be done?

Thanks again.


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:mad: Sorry to be thick Raymond, but where do I find the box that requires unchecking?

We are getting there and my grateful thanks for your help.

Best wishes.


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:) Thanks Raymond.

I knew there was a box somewhere.

Found it and unticked.

What a great facility this site is.

Best wishes.

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