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    Hi All,

    I've got a question regarding the best way to set up a business email account for an existing business.

    To be as clear as possible as to the situation let me lay it out: I recently started working in a very small finance business. This business used to be just a sole proprietorship where clients emailed "Dave" whenever they needed to contact the business. Dave has been using his yahoo account for business and personal emails. Now that I've been brought on we are considering what our email options are with a business account. We want it so that both Dave and myself can see the business emails but I don't get his personal emails.

    We considering starting a new email altogether but the transition might be rough. Half of our clients are a bit older and not that familiar with technology in general, so changing our email addresses might cause some confusion.

    Any advice I can get on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    First, I recommend that you register a domain name for the business.

    Next, a business email hosting plan such as Google Apps or LuxSci should be selected so you have professional tech support for your email and any other business hosting.

    Next, after the new addresses are setup and configured, notify your customers of your new email addresses.

    After the above is complete "Dave" can create message rules that copy+forward email from business contacts to the new email addresses since you expect some of them will continue to email that Yahoo address.

    This will allow "Dave" to preserve his personal Yahoo account and help to give the business a more professional look than having a Yahoo address.

    :welcome: to Email Questions!

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