yahoo mail

  1. H

    How to access my yahoo mail if the mobile number is out of access?

    I have a yahoo mail account. I know the email-address and also the password. For security reasons yahoo wants me to enter the verification code it sends to my mobile number. Unfortunately I could not access that mobile number again and yahoo does not allow me to sign-in to my email inbox. How...
  2. T


    I have over 143,000 emails in my inbox. I want to clean it completely out. I tried using the 'clean up inbox' option when you click beside inbox, but it it fails every time. What can I do?
  3. S

    Conversation view / Yahoo Help Community?

    My main problem is that, although I have turned off conversation view, new Yahoo mail is still grouping my emails by conversation. I am using Chrome, Windows 10. And that brings me to my second question: what happened to the Yahoo Help Community? There is no mention of it anywhere online, not...
  4. anonprivate

    Yahoo Mail and Contacts

    Hello, I have csv contacts file that I would like to install in Yahoo Contacts. When I click on the Contents button, a page appears, but, disappaears quickly and is replaced by the Yahoo Inbox. Can someone advise. PS. Is there a small programme that will run in Linux that will manaage...
  5. Marilu Rajala


    On july 27th, I couldn't retrieve any of my incoming emails. It said that 200 messages were trying to download, but they never did. Now it shows that all 55 of my files are empty!! I still can't access my files at all. HELP!
  6. J

    Problem while typing a REPLY message

    For a long time now, I have had difficulty while composing a REPLY message to an email in my Yahoo Mail account. It does not occur while composing an original message to SEND, but occurs most of the time while typing a REPLY. The issue: On-screen text significantly lags (i.e. seems to stall)...
  7. W

    ATT/Yahoo mail issue

    In process of switching from Comcast to Uverse. I'm using the AT&T Yahoo Mail with Live Mail on my Laptop. I can receive emails OK but when I go to send, it does not recognize my new Yahoo address and thus stops trying. I had a Yahoo account a few years ago under my old Comcast address. It...
  8. W

    Problem switching from Comcast to Uverse

    I am now using for email. I am in transition where I have both Uverse and Xfiniti (for a week or so). My live mail will receive mail but will not send mail. The server and port settings are correct. The error message I get is that apparently yahoo does not recognize my new yahoo...
  9. S

    Yahoo mail: Reply, forward, and help buttons not working

    I am working on my desk top and use Chrome. I have two different Yahoo mail accounts. One is working very well, and on the other account, the reply, forward, and help buttons not working. I have checked to make sure that Java Script is enabled, have deleted the history, and have cleared the...