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In process of switching from Comcast to Uverse. I'm using the AT&T Yahoo Mail with Live Mail on my Laptop.
I can receive emails OK but when I go to send, it does not recognize my new Yahoo address and thus stops trying. I had a Yahoo account a few years ago under my old Comcast address. It appears that the system is looking for my Comcast address and does not recognize the new Yahoo address.

When I go to page where you can change Yahoo settings, the old Comcast address is listed but can't be changed. Also, a red triangle with an exclamation mark inside appears next to the Comcast address. And all you can do with this is send a verification email to the Comcast address.

I need for my new address to appear in this box. Hopefully the triangle will disappear. And, of course, the AT&T tech line is of no use. You can use their special support function but you have to agree to a contract to where you pay ONLY $15 every month for a year (yikes!).

I'm hoping someone can please help.


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Further info

Apparently Yahoo recognizes my Comcast address as a valid sender address but not the Yahoo address. If I could add the Yahoo address to where it would recognize both as valid senders, I think that would work. Why it does not recognize my new yahoo address as a valid sender is the issue.
I tried adding the Yahoo address again but it said it already existed. If it already exists, why does it not recognize it as a valid sender?


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The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's email address. The sender's email address was ''.

Subject 'xhxhxh'
Server Error: 530
Server Response: 530 5.7.1 Authentication required
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC78
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 465
Secure(SSL): Yes


The address should be valid.


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Hi Warren,

Are you able to login to the Yahoo webmail with the new address?

You're probably using the AT&T branded Yahoo web site, right?

Which server settings are you using in Windows Live Mail?

If you can take a couple screen shots that don't contain personal info, but shows us the sites and settings the problem should jump out at us.

My best guess right now is that you have some sort of mix between the regular Yahoo and AT&T branded Yahoo sites.

Also, your old Comcast address will probably stop working after you cancel service. It might be a good idea to copy all email out of there to a safe place before that happens.


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I have two threads going here side by side. I think having both Comcast and Uverse at the same time is not helping at all. I had planned to do this for about a week to make sure all was OK before dumping Comcast.

It now appears that my Yahoo address is now able send - I think. Not sure why. I know I had to login to Yahoo about five times. Somewhere along the line I may have somehow "validated" the new Yahoo address. I have zero clue.

My plan is to now return my Comcast modem and cancel service. That will put an end to the Comcast email (I think).

I would like to ask if, when Comcast goes away, will it affect my folder list in my Live Mail (i.e. will anything disappear?). Do you suggest any precautions before cutting the cord.

I appreciate the attention to my dilemma.

I will post here when all is working (or not working).


If you are the same individual looking at my other post, forgive the redundancy.