Problem while typing a REPLY message


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For a long time now, I have had difficulty while composing a REPLY message to an email in my Yahoo Mail account. It does not occur while composing an original message to SEND, but occurs most of the time while typing a REPLY. The issue:

On-screen text significantly lags (i.e. seems to stall) while I type, and sometimes letters or words are missing in what I do type. Once again, does not happen while composing an original message.

Using Dell Inspiron 660, Windows 10, keyboard and motherboard replaced March 2014.

Any suggestions?


New Email
Thanks for the suggestions. SW is up-to-date. I will evaluate Adblock Plus. I appreciate you making me aware of it.
FYI - I was particularly frustrated a couple days ago with the typing errors so unplugged the machine for a moment. That seemed to fix it, at least temporarily.

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