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Yahoo! is my second favorite webmail account. I check it every few days and use it for mail I want to get eventually but don't want going to my regular inbox. I'm not a big fan of the site for a few reasons. First, it does a poor job of correctly figuring out what is spam and what e-mail I want to receive in my inbox, and the other problem I have with Yahoo mail is the amount of advertising plastered all of the web pages.



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I log into my yahoo webmail about once a month or less for the same afore mentioned reasons.

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Nada on the Yahoo for me. Full of spam and the new interface is bloated and ad filled..ick!


I have quite a few email accounts ranging from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Rediffmail etc. I found yahoo to be very user friendly.

If you are a beginner and aren't sure about what is good for you. Signup at Yahoo and you would never regret. Take my word.


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I had a yahoo that got bombarded with spam. I got a new yahoo account and only gave it to very few people. I have gotten zero for spam so far and have had it for two years. You have to be VERY selective about sharing your email address. The only spam I ended up getting was forwarded emails repeatedly from people that I asked to stop sending me that CRAP!