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I have a yahoo mail account that I set up on iphone. I can send emails, pictures and videos to other people. HOWEVER, I can't receive them myself (like when I email myself) on iphone or in the computer. There are also certain people that can't receive emails that I send from the iphone too.

I created a new yahoo email account and I HAVE NO PROBLEM receiving anything I have sent from iphone.

ANY clues? I am guessing perhaps my older email account was first created many years ago...anyone had similar problems?

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It's strange to me that one account would work OK and the other would not. Has the account that is not working ever been able to receive email? Do you get an error or bounce message if you try to email the account that is not working from the working account? Send the test email from the webmail interface not the iPhone. Also, here is our guide for setting up Yahoo Mail on your iPhone, but it sounds like you already have this part figured out :



New Email
I am able to receive other's emails with the old account. The only time is when we tried to email ourselves from iPhone to the old account. If we were to email from the iPhone to the new account, it would receive the email. That is why it's so wierd. Thanks anyway.