World IPv6 Day

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IPv6 Day is coming up in a few months - Cisco, Verizon enlist in 24-hour IPv6 trial

How to participate - Internet Society - World IPv6 Day

More background on ipv6 - IPv6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Even more info - - The Source for IPv6 Information, Training, Consulting & Hardware

Why now? The quick summary is that all possible IPv4 IP addresses are going to be allocated to be assigned soon. There are no more. Sometime in the future, maybe later this year or early next year, it is expected that all possible IP addresses will have been assigned will be in use.

It is expected that even though IPv6 has been around for more than 10 years that there will be many issues as people transition from an ipv4 world to what will most likely be a hybrid dual stack ipv4 + ipv6 world where DNS, servers, and other network devices will need to support both addresses types, possibly for a long time (10+ years).

The above trial is going to help identify any issues with the upcoming transition.