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From: Erwin Hoffmann <feh@fehcom.de>

A new package 'ucspi-tcp6' (version 0.96) providing a 'Unix Client/Server Programming Interface' for IPv4 and IPv6.

Based on Dan Bernstein's ucspi-tcp-0.88, I've included Felix von Leitner's IPv6 patch and added some enhancements which aim to make this package as useful for the IPv6 environment as Dan's original version for IPv4. The package permits a simultaneous usage of IPv4 and IPv6 bindings for tcpserver (no need to change the existing rules.cdb entries).

ucspi-tcp6 comes in the slashpackage format for easy installing; supports Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS X (and probably many other Unices as well) out-of-the box.

You find the package here: UCSPI-TCP6