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This problem has been developing over the past two or so weeks.
If I add a new address by clicking on "Contacts" etc. (as I have been doing ever since I began using Hotmail) and then send an email, it is refused with a message from postmaster@mail.hotmail.com. And heaven forbid I'd try to write a New email using a new address. Also, emails from people who have been given my address are evidently being blocked. I don't receive the message and they don't appear in Junk either.

At the same time, an even more aggravating symptom is occurring: any email from me, whether a forward, a reply, or a new message, causes Hotmail to hang up all together or become so sluggish as to be almost unusable.

The only thing that keeps me switching to another company is the hassle of changing addresses, but that's looking better all the time.

Please help. Loey

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Hi Loey,

What is the exact and full error message that you get when sending email from Hotmail?

There are a few possibilities for why you are experiencing these troubles.

First, it's possible that someone else also has access to your account and it's being blocked because it was used to send spam. It's better to be safe than sorry. Immediately change both your Hotmail password and also your Hotmail security question and answer. It's best to use a strong password that you do not use on other web sites. Also, it's OK to make up fake answers to security questions to help prevent spammers from being able to research the correct answers to your security questions.

If Hotmail is sluggish and unusable it's also possible that there is something wrong with either your account or that there is a software conflict between your computer and Hotmail. There is not much you can do about a broken account, but if there is a software conflict the steps in this guide should help you to resolve the problem :


Last, do not worry too much about needing to migrate away from Hotmail. Hotmail offers free pop3 access to their email accounts. As long as your new provider, such as Gmail, supports being able to pop3 external email accounts you will still have access to your Hotmail while being able to read and reply to those emails from your new email account. You also have the option of using a mail program on your computer to check your Hotmail. Here are our guides to setting up pop3 access to your Hotmail account using a program on your computer such as Outlook Express of using Gmail to check your Hotmail :



If you need any help with moving away from Hotmail please let us know.

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