What to know what happened to my sent email that was replaced with a violated content message


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Need your help.

I sent an email this morning from my iphone and put a swear word in it (without thinking) hit the send button and "thought" it had sent.

When I checked my sent items it shows my message subject line but the contents of my email has been changed showing the following "a policy violated content was detected and removed from the original mail header, subject, body or attachment. you can safely save or delete this replacement attachment.

What I want to know is -
Where has the original email gone? Would it be able to be read by my manager? Like will he get notice that I tried to send a email with violated content? Or does it just get removed and replaced with that above message. I'm worried I might get in trouble for the email if they know I've tried to send a email with bad language.

We are a small company so I'm not sure how it would be set up.

Any help is great.


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It's not possible to know for sure.

The message appears to have been generated by your Microsoft Exchange server.

A larger company will sometimes have a process that would require a manager to get HR approval before they can get access to an employees email.

At a smaller company, my best guess is to think about what kind of culture do you work in?

If it seems like a reasonable place I doubt anyone is watching, and if your manager did get an alert, hopefully it's something that can be discussed.

On the other hand, if you feel like someone is always out to get you, and it's that kind of place, maybe they already got an alert or made IT give them access and are always reading your email anyways.

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