What constitutes a "new location?"

I have used gmail trouble-free for the last few years. As I travel often, I frequently log in from different countries-about 20 in number. Arriving in
Taiwan last week I correctly entered my user name and password; a message
from google appeared saying: hey.....is that really you? You're signing into
your account from a new location. Just so we know this is you-and not someone trying to hijack your account-please complete the quick verification.

Unfortunately, I forgot the correct answer to the verification question-I an-
swered incorrectly and do not want to try again; the other option was to
supply the name of the city where I usually log in-I cannot answer that either as I do not have such a place.

I could not find any others who have had similar problems. If anyone can
offer advice or guidance on how to proceed, it would be welcome.
Thank you
Thank you for the message.

I do not use a PC when I travel; I either use one supplied at the
business center of the hotel or at an internet cafe. As I am not
a great expert on computers, I do not know about pop3 or imap.
Could you let me know how I can look into this?


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Hi karl,

I'm wondering if enabling 2-step verification will fix the problem :


It might be too late for you to enable it until you're at a location that is not asking you to answer the identity verification questions when logging in.

Here is our guide for reading your Gmail with pop3 or IMAP - http://www.emailquestions.com/gmail/208-read-gmail-any-mail-program.html

Please let us know if enabling the 2-step verification helps.
Thank you for the information.
Unfortunately 2 step verification would not work for
me as I am not traveling with a mobile, i-pod, etc.
I will soon leave Taiwan and try to log on in a country
where I previously had no difficulties.

Looking through an extensive list of user problems over
the past year, I have not found anyone who has had
an experience similar to mine. I wonder if this has to do
with Taiwan or Chinese issues. This will probably remain
an unsolved mystery.