We haven't seen you sign in from this location before


New Email
hi i have some problem with my yahoo account this one
Traveling somewhere new? We haven't seen you sign in from this location before. Choose a method below to verify that it's really you signing in to this account. This is an occasional check to ensure the security of your account.

what i need to do and how i can go in my e-mail for se this code cuz i don`t have alternative e-mail or phone number


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To verify you're the owner of your account Yahoo will allow you to verify your identity using your phone number or alternate email address.

If these were not already configured you may be out of luck.

Try using another device. If you're on a phone, try a computer. If you're on a computer, try from your phone.

When you get home, please take a few minutes to turn on 2 step logins, and update the alternate contact info in your account settings.

Without this information, in addition to problems while traveling, you're at risk of losing your account and not getting it back if it gets hacked.


New Email
i try to log-in from pc and phone but same problem ask me abut this stupid code how i can asociate alternative e-mail or phone number?

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