What are the One Communications incoming (pop3) and outgoing (smtp) mail servers?

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The One Communications incoming and outgoing mail servers are:

incoming mail server: pop.onecommunications.net

outgoing mail server: smtp.onecommunications.net

SMTP-Auth is supported on port 587 of smtp.onecommunications.net

If you are sending a mailing list please change your smtp server setting to smtp-big.onecommunications.net
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Jerry Cheques

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If I am sending a mailing list, pls what is my SMTP server for Comcast business as Earthlink Business happens to be "smtp-big.one communications.net"

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Hi Jerry,

The newer name for EarthLink Business customers after acquiring One Communications is smtp-big.earthlinkbusiness.com. That pool of servers require that you be on network using an EarthLink Business data connection.

The servers with the best sending reputation are smtp.earthlinkbusiness.com port 587 (authentication required), or port 465 if you prefer auth+SSL.

How big is your mailing list? ISP shared relays are not the best way to send mailing lists. You'll have a better results using an email newsletter service such as MailChimp or Aweber.