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Please accept my apology if my post doesn't belong here.

I am trying to find information about the legal standards affecting email communications. Specifically, I want to know if the courts consider a log of email sent as proof that the recipient actuallt received and read the message. Like the USPS, a first class letter is considered received if proof of mailing exists. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!


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let me do a little research on this. It is an excellent question, and we will be happier to get you answer as soon as possible.

My initial answer is going to be no, not really


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did a little poking around and this is the synopsis of what I can find. . . normal email NO, there is no way to guarantee someone has read, understood and acknowledged an email based on a a sent log. However, there are some products out there that may serve your purpose. One is offered by my current employer, IS backed by USPS and DOES carry the same legal weight as a sealed first class envelope (see, most of our stuff transfers into us via fax and not email, but arrangements can probably be made to accommodate nearly anything. IF needed, PM me.

The next is, I am not an attorney, but an engineer - so I would recommend you retain legal counsel for better answer and I came across this:

also I found this "pay for" article that seems to address very similar questions, and may be worth your while to skim though:

and another service that is supposed to be legally valid: