Verizon mail in Yahoo account - not working


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I set up a regular yahoo mail account and tried to have mail from a verizon account (that goes into Outlook Express) go into yahoo also. I was able to get many (but not all) outlook contacts added into yahoo, and a ton of messages from the inbox (off the verizon server, I believe.) After 1 or 2 days, though, yahoo does not retrieve Verizon mail anymore. Have emailed yahoo help and they said it was being fixed but after weeks it is not. (Issue had been sent to "escalated" problem department...)

I don't know a whole lot about this kind of thing,but am able to follow directions quite well. Would appreciate any help in solving this...

Please tell me why I can't check verizon mail in yahoo.... thanks!


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To add a few things:

I have "Leave a copy of message on server" checked in outlook express.

the password to verizon in yahoo is correct is the server

thanks in advance for any help

Leigh :confused: