Using Gmail Send Mail As with Thunderbird

Big Dan

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Gmail has a nifty feature to send emails through Gmail that appear to be from another one of your email address. I make extensive use of this feature by forwarding my domain based email into Gmail. However when using Thunderbird I can only send from my Gmail address and not my forwarders. To learn how to set up forwarding addresses in Gmail see Using Gmail for all your email.

This tutorial assumes you have already setup Gmail within Thunderbird.

Open Gmail go to Tools > Account Settings and select your Gmail account:


Click the manage Identities Button:


Click Add:


Put in your name and email address and press okay. Add each additional address you would like to use in this manner. You can also specify a signature under the Composition & Addressing tab.

When you write an email you can select which from address you would like to send from on the from drop down.