using personal domain name in gmail


New Email
I have email accounts set up in a personal domain hosted at Namecheap. However, rather than have email hosted there, I have it forwarded to gmail, where my family also has accounts.

With this set up, recipients of emails from me see the gmail address, not the personal domain address, which causes confusion.

My wife and I also use Google calendars, and share our calendars, which we find handy.

Finally, I maintain my Contacts list on Gmail, and I use Thunderbird to access my email from my laptop, and also access it on my iPhone5.

I am relatively happy with all of this, except for not being able to mask the gmail account and have my personal domain address appear on emails.

I am willing to make changes, and to pay a reasonable fee if necessary, to streamline this, and to have my personal domain name appear on emails, so long as I can somehow also share calendars with my wife, and manage my contacts without manually reentering them somewhere.

Suggestions would be gratefully received.