Uploading Facebook / MySpace Videos on a slow connection

Big Dan

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I have a friend who has several videos totally about 1 GB to upload to facebook. I logged into her computer remotely and was able to upload a few small videos but anything over 2 MB times out. I temporarily set her up with an FTP account on my server and started the upload for her but it's going to take abotu 10 hours. :eek:

I suggested she burn them to a CD then mail them to me but there still has to be a better way. The files are too big for email... I suspect services like megaupload or rapidshare would time out just like facebook due to her upload speed being so atrocious.

Any ideas?

EQ Admin

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The first two things to come to mind are putting them on a thumb drive and uploading from work, or borrowing/ uploading over a neighbors open wireless who has a faster connection ( :cool: ). If time is not critical can they postal mail you a flash drive?