Having major issue with Yahoo Mail Attachments not UPLOADING

Running Windows 7, IE 9, and used to have Norton 360. When 360 subscription expired, I removed it from my computer thru the Control Panel. Also seems problems started with the New Mail.

My attachments (pdf & word) began loading slower and slower to the point they quit for the most part. Give me an error message:

"! An error message occurred while uploading. Dismiss - Remove"

No other options. Attachments will load maybe 1 out of 8 tries, but not always. Last attachment is a Word file and is only 1022.6 kb's. Most others are under 4 mb's.

Have Wi-fi, but took computer to a Computer Shop with dedicated I/N service/signal and did the same thing. They believe it is with Yahoo itself.

Again, problem is with UPLOADING an attachment. Incoming open just fine.


Customer Service
Yahoo has been having attachment issues for some time now. A lot of people have been complaining. Unfortunately the only suggestion we can make until Yahoo fixes it, is to use another provider. (Gmail etc)