Tips for changing your primary e-mail address

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Okay say you have like 300 websites that you have signed up for over the years. Now say that you've changed your email address. How do you change your email address on all those accounts?
Is there a "tool" that will do this for you automatically? Otherwise the alternative is go to each of the web sites individually login, then change your email address manually.
Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas?


I recently went through a primary e-mail address change too. Do you still have access to the old address? I would not worry about changing all 300 sites and any mailing lists that you might be on. I'd hope that part of the goal is to keep the new e-mail address clean. First I would tell your family, friends, and any important contacts that you have a new e-mail address. Next, check any sites that really matter such as the e-mail that your bank or paypal uses to contact you. Once that's done, monitor the old e-mail address for 30-60 days and update the sources that are sending e-mail there that you would still like to receive. After some time when you are no longer getting e-mail that you want at the old address you can have the old account deleted.


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Here's the way I work it:

I keep my main address as a forward if I ever want to change mail services I just change the forwarder. Simple and easy if you own you own domains.

Another thing I've done when I want to change my address to another domain is I change my email address at the sites I frequent then move my original addresses forward to another target account and monitor it for stuff I actually want then login to those sites and change the address there. I normally monitor the original address for at least a month then move the forwarder back to the original target account and set a rule to move all messages from that account to a separate folder.