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Do you have any tips for managing your time when dealing with e-mail?

Do you use filters to organize your email into folders?

Do you check certain accounts at certain times of the day?

Are you emailing and texting 24/7 so it doesn't really matter how things are organized?


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Filters pipe server notices to a label in gmail. Another filter automatically stars and moves server notices with 'failed' in the subject line to the inbox.

Newsletters and forum reply emails get filtered and archived into separate labels for reading when I've got free time.

Other than that my inbox reads like a todo list.


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I would fall into the second catagory - always on email doesn't matter.

Work stuff I try to take care of during work hours.
Home Stuff I *try* to take care of whenever
I generally delete the hundreds of server messages I get a day on my BB immediately unless its the rare instance I have to act on one of them, and constantly sort them into appropriate folders in my .ost for future reference.
Online stuff (forums, this etc.) I generally take care of whenever there is a computer on.
Lately I've tried really really really hard to not turn on my computer at home at night. It rarely happens, but at least I refuse to start trillian on this one unless its a day I'm working from home, and try to only download email on the weekends (I use webmail for personal mail during the week and POP it to a .pst for mostly archival reasons at home), or at least wait until Thursday night like now (I generally work from home on Fridays).