Thunderbird 10.0


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I downloaded thunderbird 10.0 but cant seem to get it to work properly with my emails. Does anyone know how to configure thunderbird easily with multiple email accounts? I want to use it with my email from different email services via pop set up if possible.

Big Dan

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Open Thunderbird from the top menu select "Tools" then "Account Settings" from there you can use the "Account Actions" menu on the lower left hand side to add more accounts.

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Thanks Dan!

There is no "account actions" area inside of tools.

I can usually do most things on computers and have set up many pop3 emails for myself and for friends on their smart phones but for some reason every single computer email client is giving me a problem. I cant get thunderbird or pegasis or any of these to work properly. All I want to do is have all my email address send and receive out of 1 program similar to on my android.

Is there any computer based email client similar to the ones that are on android or blackberrys etc that you can install on your computer and just put your pop3 incoming and outgoing settings in and it works nice and easy?