Cannot Configure My Thunderbird Version 68.5 Email Account


New Email

I am a longtime Thunderbird email user, going back to version 2.0.0, using it with the Time Warner provider and later with Spectrum. A few months ago I cancelled my Spectrum service. At the time, my email address had the format (name) I believe it was a POP-based server account.

Just a few weeks ago I opened a new Spectrum account and a few days ago I downloaded Thunderbird Version 68.5. Spectrum gave me a new email address in this format: (name) and I have a new email password which I use to sign in to their webmail, without any problem. They say they support the IMAP structure. The incoming and outgoing servers are both called

I am running into circles as I try to Configure my email account in Thunderbird. One message I get very often is 'Incoming Server Already Exists'. I am starting to go crazy. I hope someone can straighten me out. I really like Thunderbird and I hope I can get it working again.

Can someone help me? Many thanks in advance!