Sending Image Attachments

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99% of the time it is not necessary to send a multimeg picture attachment in an e-mail. Not only can it take you a long time to send it, but it can take a long time for your contact to download it.

If you are using a mail client on your computer (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) you can easily send the picture in a more convenient size and format to someone by right clicking on it and using the "send to -> mail recipient" menu to start a new e-mail message. This works on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you need to edit the picture first or are using a web based e-mail service such as Yahoo! Mail where you need to upload before sending you'll need to do some quick manual work first. I like to use Microsoft Paint. Open the picture in paint and use the "image -> stretch and skew" menu to resize the image. I've found that reducing the picture to 40% of the original size works well for pictures created by digital cameras. After resizing the picture use the "file -> save as" menu to save the picture in JPG format. You now have a good quality picture that is also e-mail friendly and fast to upload/download.
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