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I recorded about 20 minutes of live music on a digital olympus voice recorder. The recording was tranferred to my computer. I tried to email the file to a friend. My Yahoo email account said the file was too large(over 10MB) and could not be sent. I tried compressing the file, but the file remains too large. Did I compress the file correctly? and are there any other options that would allow me to successfully email this audio file?


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Hi Jim,

How big is the file after compressing it? Adding it to a zip file you want to check the size of the zip file not the original file. Also, if the audio file is MP3 or another compressed format then you are not likely to see much of a difference after compressing it into a zip file. I like to use Gmail for sending large files when needed to other people with Gmail accounts. This doesn't work though if the recipient has a Yahoo account. Do you have a web site that you can upload the file to? Microsoft or Google Drive can be used to share big files too.
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