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Emily Richards

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Hi there,
You guy's were such a great help for me back in Dec... I couldnt remember how I got here, good thing I saved one of your e-mails! Could you help me with that, so I can save you guy's so I dont have to go to the moon and back to find you again!
Can you send a whole folder from My Documents in an e-mail through your hotmail account? :confused:
Thanks Emily

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Hi Emily,

I'm glad we were able to help and that you found us again! :)

I will install an email reminder service that reminds members once a month about us. Hopefully that's often enough to be useful but infrequent enough that it becomes spammy.

To answer your question, yes, you can compress a folder and email the .zip file from Hotmail. The biggest problem will be the size of the file. It needs to be both within the Hotmail sending limit and the max size that the contact you are sending to can receive. To compress a folder into a zip file:

  • Go yo your My Documents folder
  • Right click on the folder you want to compress
  • Select Send To
  • Select Compressed (Zipped) Folder
Compress Folder.JPG
We also have a slightly more detailed article how to compress a file before sending it in an email.

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