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I have a membership based website, and I use Gmail as an smtp server for users to email other users. When one user wants to email another user, they simply email from my website using the form, and the form then sends the message through gmail. The reply-to address contains the senders email. What I see happening, at least judging from the gmail box, is that some recipients respond to the smtp gmail address instead of the reply-to address. How does this happen, and does anybody know of a way to avoid this from happening in the future?

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It depends on the mail program.

Some are smart enough to use reply-to, others don't or are misconfigured.

Can you also set the From: to the mailing list Reply-To: address?

Is the To: address the list address?

Can you train your list members that have problems to use Reply All ?

I suppose it's better to hit the list and the original poster than only reply to the poster and not the rest of the list.

Have you considered a business grade mailing list from a 3rd party such as Constant Contact?