Problems with Yahoo Mail account, april 2010


New Email
Dear Helpdesk,

I'm experiencing problems replying/sending out email from Yahoo Mail. I can still receive messages in my inbox, but if I try to reply or create a new message, and push the "send" button, it just keeps spinning around and then fails to send out.
- I use macbook (leopard OS X) and safari.
- My Yahoo account works better if I access from another laptop (that runs on Windows XP)
- I tried installing another browser, GoogleChrome, instead of using Safari, but still same problems with Yahoo account.
- I tried clearing cookies, caches and renew settings in Safari but still same problems.
- I can still access other websites as far as I know.

Peculiar and annoying problem. I greatly appreciate if someone has any suggestions to solve this or has an idea of what is going on.