Problems with hotmail


New Email
I go to hotmail, enter my name and passwork, then go button and then wait. The wheels spin, acts like it is connecting then gives me a message msn is having trouble due to internet connection etc. I push the button for MSN to evaluate, and then it tells me that my connection is fine. I try again, go through the id, and password, and keep getting this stupid message. What is wrong? I have never had any trouble logging into hotmail till you downloaded updates. Find out what the problem is please, and notify me ASAP! You can call me at 270.726.1330.


New Email
Un-ending problems, Same yellow loading lower left as mentioned in other threads. Only new email i can read is the last sent, I can`t delete old email. I`m Vista home pro, And have used a seperate xp home pc, A windows me pc, And another xp home (which worked). 3 isp`s and 4 systems of which just this was mine. I have used 4 different browsers which google chrome is only that allows me to delete messages in hotmail. Tho google chrome does allow me to delete, It does not allow me to compose nor reply which is few things ie7 DOES still allow me to do but only on current email which i can only display.

Did all the gimmicks mentioned in other forums, cache, cookies etc. Even to extreme of system restore and no go. Updated java and restored defaults in ie.

Browsers .... Ie, Firefox, Maxthon, Chrome, And AOL`s overlayed ie which worked on that xp system.

Shocking to me tho didn`t work for me would have to clear cache and cookies and etc JUST to check email as was never an issue before. And btw hotmail did work on this vista box till they did some update and restore did not undue damage it caused.