Problem sending hotmail/msn mail


New Email
Recently (about 2 days ago) I changed my passwords in my hotmail and msn mail accounts. Went through what I thought was the whole nine yards, including verifying.

I can now receive mail through both of these accounts (hotmail and msn), but I can't send any mail unless I use my gmail account server. The popup window I get says...

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.58.01 PM.png

The Hotmail SMTP connection to server " " failed.

There is an option to "Edit SMTP server list" and also an option to access the "connection doctor".

I should add that I'm using an Apple Macbook Air if that makes any difference.

Anyone know how to correct this? I don't like to use the gmail outgoing server as replies are returned to gmail instead of my outlook account.