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I have a personal Roadrunner account. Simple enough. I also have a business domain account using another email address that is forwarded to my roadrunner account from It appears that is the only way email can be sent to me from my domain. I may be wrong and, frankly, hope that I am.

What I Want: I want to receive email from both email addresses using two separate accounts so I can create separate signatures, etc., and be able to send email from either account.

What I Get: Both emails use the same configuration because my domain email is forwarded to my Roadrunner account. I get duplicate emails and I have problems with Rules. The main issue is duplicate emails.

I prefer to use Mac Mail but currently I am using Thunderbird because of the problems with Mail. I have used Outlook as well. They all give me problems because I am using the same account name and password to retrieve my domain email. Indeed, Thunderbird cannot set up an email with the same name and password (a known unresolved issue for them) I change the account name as a work around and now I get duplicate emails (one in my Roadrunner folder and one in my domain folder). Quite maddening.

Any help at all would be appreciated. :thanks:


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The service providing the business mail forwarding most likely can also provide you with pop3 access. If you you have other options such as moving the mail hosting for the domain to a different provider, or mapping it to something like Google apps for business. Either way, it would get Road Runner out of the loop for your business email and you'll have two separate accounts.

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