Yahoo is blocking email from my own personal domain, been asking them for a year to fix, how can I g


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I've been trying for a whole year now to get yahoo to unblock email from my own personal domain to yahoo users (blocked for '554: policy reasons'). They keep responding with canned responses, most of them indicate that my site has been flagged for spam (the site was personal photos but I've now removed everything from the site altogether, it is completely empty) or questions about bulk mail, which I can categorically state has never come from my domain (I've held it since early internet days). The canned responses are infuriating and frustrating, I have never had a human response in a whole year of contact and 100's of attempts to contact them via the Yahoo Mail Delivery Issues Form or replies to their canned email responses. How can I get in touch with a human with power to deal with this situation? My case numbers are KMM121629055V39L0KM/78968548 if this is a yahoo person reading this!

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Please let me clarify I am being blocked from a non-yahoo domain when sending to all my yahoo user friends and family. I do not use yahoo email myself, and highly recommend to all of my friends who do use them not to for this very reason! I've been successful in converting some of them to gmail so far, will get all of them over in due course as long as yahoo continues to block me!

I receive the 'email blocked for 554: policy reasons' Delivery Status Notification, and the recipient never receives a copy of the email in their spam folder or anywhere - they have no recourse to mark my email as 'not spam'

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Re: Yahoo is blocking email from my own personal domain, been asking them for a year to fix, how can


If you do not have your own dedicated mail server on your own IP address already get that done first.

Then contact Yahoo using the bulk senders form.

If you have not done this already you will receive an email response with many questions about your email hosting environment. Answer the questions honestly and be willing to work with the system a bit for example separating your high quality and low quality email across different outgoing IP address ranges.

What is your current outgoing IP address? What is your domain name?

With more specifics we can help check your DNS for errors and your IP address for blacklisting and other issues.

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