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Hi there,

I'm finding it impossible to get my PC to save my hotmail password. I know you've looked into this before, but I've tried all your previous suggestions (and many others) and it's still not working.

I recently had to reset ie8 completely but it's working for every other site, but not hotmail. It's very frustrating.

My internet security is relatively low, I have set to be trusted sites and I have deleted my history completely and started again. I never get asked by ie8 to remember hotmail's passwords, although I do for other sites.

It was working fine until my reset (due to other equally frustrating issues with video playback), and now i'm ready to :hammer:

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Thank you!!

I actually did a system restore as many other things started to go wrong. Must have pressed something bad!! Anyway, the restore seemed to work and the PC is running much better in all respects.

If my email problems persist I will try all of above. I'm using XP but the principles seem to be the same!

Many thanks for your help. :siterock:


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Believe it or not, having said that I'd cured it with a restore it all stopped working again!!!!!

Your suggestions have worked a treat. I'm an idiot, but when I checked autocomplete and deleted browsing history before, I didn't delete the autocomplete history. Obvious when you know how!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.