Password Storage?



I am member of loads of forums and have numerous email accounts. Currently I keep all the username and passwords in one document but is there a software that can store all of them safely?

Big Dan

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I personally use and swear by Roboform. It encrypts and stores all your passwords. One master password unlocks all your passcards (user name and password combination). From within your browser (Firefox or IE) there is a tool bar, which you just press a button and it automatically fills in your user name and password. It also features form filling for your name, address, and etc.

It's $30 for one license but there's a 30 free trial. Take it for a run, I love it and have bought several licenses.

Other than that there are some free password managers. Keepass comes to mind but I don't know enough about them to write a review. :)


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there are similar softwares built into the major linux windows managers (for free), I think the one in KDE is simply called "kde wallet" I would mention the GNome equivalent but I don't use either :).


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If it is just something you want to save "just in case" you could save the document on a thumb drive / flash drive in a safe.