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Well I made a lot of new email accounts the past few days and it got me thinking. Which password managers and other methods are people using these days to maintain separate and strong passwords for each email account? I have been using Dashlane for several years now. It feels like the desktop version got a little bloated as extra features such as vpn were added, but they're also in the process of converting into a lower footprint web extension.


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I second KeePass.

It may look daunting at first, but is highly configurable with various plugins available.

Not only can one save passwords.

When using 2FA from my Android 'phone, when I first get the QR code (to scan into my 'phone) I take a screencap of the said QR code, and save that (jpg or png) as an attachment within the KeePass database.

That way, if I replace or lose my 'phone, I can access the QR codes in KeePass, scan them in to the new 'phone, and I'm back up and running.