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Today I am finishing the long awaited review of Multi Email Notifier (full version). Multi Email Notifier is a simple program that automatically checks multiple email accounts and alerts you when there are new messages. It can check a wide variety of email accounts and provide you with both pop and audio alerts when you receive a new email.

The installation was fast and took less than a minute to complete.

After the installation completed I was presented with the main screen :
Multi Email Notifier.JPG
Getting started with the configuration was a little more tricky. I created a Hotmail account for testing Multi Email Notifier. On the screen above I tried clicking Hotmail on the left side navigation, then Manage near the top Center of the menu icons, then Options near the top middle of the menu bar, and finally the New icon near the top left. I think it would be convenient for the program to launch the new email account configuration wizard for an email account if the ISP is clicked on the left and no accounts have been configured yet under that ISP.

After the wizard started I quickly configured my Hotmail account and was greeted with a new email notification popup near the bottom right of my desktop. I like the popup location. I'd prefer for the sound to be at a lower frequency. My girlfriend whipped her head around and wanted to know what the sound was and asked for it to stop. By clicking options it was simple for me to change the sound to Alert5. We prefer either Alert2 or Alert5, my preference is Alert5.

I tried to change the new email check interval to a faster value while review the software. The minimum enabled value is 10 minutes. It's a nice email server friendly setting. It would be convenient if this setting was a box the user could type a number into. If staying mail friendly is a concern they could still limit the value to an integer 5 or greater to seconds equal to or greater than 300.

There is online documentation available at Help file for Multi Email Notifier - Table of contents . The documentation is easy to understand and even includes that clicking new in the top left is how to get started. If I had checked the documentation before starting I would have known this before downloading the program.

At this time there is also a video on the Multi Email notifier home page. It references a system tray icon that does not exist on my Windows XP desktop unless I try to close the program. I also do not see the option to enable a system tray icon in the program options. If I minimize the software it remains as a program available in my taskbar. I could be slightly confusing for new users.
Multi Email Notifier Task Bar.JPG
It takes trying to close the software to get it to minimize into the system tray. I'd recommend always having the software run from the same place. When it starts have the icon display in the system tray not the task bar for consistency so users can always find it in the same spot.

Ashesh is my primary contact for Email Notifier Support. I have spoken with him a couple times over the past few months. The support email address is The support team can also be reached using the web site contact form at Contact Us with query / suggestion regarding Multi Email Notifier

It's not hard to meet expectations with the feature set. It does what I would expect the program to do. It checks email accounts and notifies me when there is a new email. I like the idea of the summary page that shows the user their latest emails. I would suggest making it so that double clicking the title of an email in the summary screen does the same action as clicking the Launch Inbox menu icon.

Overall the software works, is user friendly, and is easy to configure and navigate. I evaluated the full version and not the basic version. I find it hard to justify having a cost for the software since there are free programs and web browser addons available that perform the same function. I understand that everyone needs to earn a living. Perhaps everyone could get the full version for free and instead of paying for the full version it would display some ads in a sidebar on the right hand side of the software like a Gmail inbox? I think it would benefit the user experience if at least some of the above suggestions in this review made it into New Email Notifier.

To get started you can download New Email Notifier here : Download Multi Email Notifier trial version